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Learn How to apply Venetian Plaster with our online course, step by step.


You might be wondering, why should I have to pay for this?? Let me explain a few reasons: There are 7 tutorial videos packed with info and tips. The cost of the course is less than the cost of 1 square meter. (here in Australia, I charge $250/sqm for this finish) You will learn a technique which can change your future career, just like it did for me. I wish I had access to this course when I started my polished plaster career in 2002. It would have saved me hundreds of hours of trial and error and lots of money. The duration of the course is 30 minutes, I spent 92 hours to record and edit over 2 weeks. The price is in Australian dollars (AUD) You can tax claim the course for your business. Especially created for all levels and with minimum tools required (trowel and spatula) You are paying for a 20+ years of knowledge and mistakes. I can help you with guidance for pricing your next project. And the last but not least, you will be supporting me to keep creating quality videos for people like you. Thank you!

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