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Venetian Plaster high polished stucco

Since 2002, Guille and his team have been creating feature walls in Barcelona, Spain, delivering high-impact projects, often producing innovative design and improving the appearance and value of hundreds of homes and shops. You could almost say, they enjoy the challenging situations and approach them with positive enthusiasm.

Moving into Australia in 2014, they have lived and completed jobs in many parts of NSW and QLD like; Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, Noosa.. and feeling very proud of calling home to the Sunshine Coast now. 

Moving countries, does not come without challenges. Understanding the different market and approach for clients are crucial if you want to be seen and recognised. In Spain, the painters decorators are the ones you would call for any decorative finish at your home, including Venetian plaster.

Here in Australia it works differently and I think it's because is wrongly marketing name. Venetian Plaster and Venetian render term are not accurate and leads to misinterpretation , this is not common plaster (gypsum based), neither is render.

This is stucco Veneziano, lime based plaster with marble and it's originally from Italy.

Therefore a lot of clients look for plasterer or renderers for their polished plaster finishes.

The Venetian Plaster has a passionate belief that great design can enhance lives in multiple ways. They work with a diverse range of clients, including private and commercial entities. Browse their complete Home Decor Portfolio to get a feeling for their work and design process.

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